What we do

Mobile First DSP

Mixing the ubiquity of mobile « the momentum media » and the ability to buy selected impressions real time with hyper local targeting, Mobile RTB is the most powerful way to reach you audience with unrivalled level of performance. NetADge makes it happen and provide you with the most performing mobile DSP functionalities ever, it helps you deliver « the right time Advertising experience » to your prospects.

NetADge allows you to build all kind of performing campaigns: branding, promotion, drive to install, drive to store, click to call… including rich media and video, as well as native ads formats.
NetADge is the smartest self service mobile DSP in the world.

100 % proprietary, NetADge provides you service with high level of support
and unrivaled ability to improve platforms skills on a day to day basis.

How we do it

How we do it


  • 100% SaaS self service platform offering elegant and intuitive UI;
  • 100% ID’s trackers compliant plus best in class providers certified;
  • 100% Ad servers and 3rd party tags compliant.

Hyper local

  • Target IP geo’s;
  • Target GPS lat long;
  • Design your own targeting area.


  • Real time bidding;
  • Real time tracking;
  • Real time optimization.


  • Collect data from all your campaign
  • Inject your choice of 1st party data
  • Create proper audience segmentation using custom data from your previous campaign (media and analytics) and CRM
  • Enrich segmentation using 3rd party data of all kind.


  • Access to state of art targeting: device, OS, location, day parting, content categories, apps and site name, ISP, channel and much more;
  • Track, report and analyze metrics all the way down to each creative.


  • Wide choice of buying strategies (CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI, CPD, CPL, CPS, CPV…)*;
  • Sophisticated data driven campaign optimization;
  • Powered by strong machine learning algorithms.

* A: Action, I: Install, D: Download, L: Lead, S: Sales, V: Viewed videos


  • Access more than 700 billons IMP per month including all premium publishers world wide;
  • Advertise in more than 120 countries.


  • 100% Audience transparency;
  • 100% Reporting transparency;
  • 100% Data transparency;
  • 100% Brand safety.


  • List management;
  • Unique frequency and session depth capping;
  • Fraud detection;
  • Serving all mobile ad formats: Banners and interstitials, rich media (HTML5, MRAID), videos (FULL VAST), native ads, click to action.

We Did It

  • 20000+ campaigns
  • 1600+ Advertisers
  • 190+ agencies and trading desk
  • 3 billions+ mobile request per day
  • 120+ countries